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Hey! Welcome to our Vertical city.

Take a look at our space and get ready to chose your desk to work. 
Check out the fully equipped meeting rooms, ready for you to give the best pitch of your live, the phone booths to give you privacy and the common areas where you can share all your frustrations and successes with our amazing community.

Like what you see 😏 ?

Don't forget you can always schedule a visit to our Vertical city so you can get to know the space, all the amenities and the overall vibe before committing to a reservation. This is very important, even more, if you are planning a longer reservation and are considering monthly plans; this way, we will be able to show the available desks, and you can decide where you would feel most comfortable (we have a lot of different options).

Feel free to reach out on the platform that you feel most comfortable with: social media, email, phone or directly on this website through the contact form.

If you have already made your decision based on our very informative website (we're proud) then just go ahead to the Plans page and choose the one that better suits you and join our community right now; we are waiting for you!

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