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Are coworking spaces the new offices?

The way we work is constantly evolving. And it is precisely from this evolution that coworking spaces gain more and more prominence.

These spaces present themselves as an option for all independent professionals such as freelancers, startups, digital nomads and even large companies. But with this growing popularity, can coworking spaces assert themselves as the new offices?

In this article, we introduce you to the unique features and benefits of these increasingly prominent spaces in cities that are transforming the way we work.

  • Flexibility and Freedom

Flexibility is perhaps the biggest difference between coworking spaces and conventional offices. Coworking spaces like Vertical Firmeza offer differentiated options to suit the changing work needs of freelancers, digital nomads and entrepreneurs. People can choose to rent a desk or an office for short periods of time.

Flexible working
Flexible working

  • Networking and collaboration

Sharing the same environment provides an excellent opportunity for interaction with other professionals and businesses. These places allow people from different sectors to come together and create an atmosphere of networking and partnerships. It is from this sharing of ideas that new business opportunities may arise.

Nomads' collaboration
Nomads' collaboration

  • Inspiring environment

Modern structures, with open spaces and careful decoration, provide coworking users with an inspiring and creative environment. Unlike traditional offices, these places can stimulate productivity and collaboration.

Cosy atmosphere
Cosy atmosphere

We cannot say that coworking spaces have replaced offices, however, we cannot deny that these places are becoming viable options for many professionals. Coworking spaces in the city of Porto, for example, are revolutionizing the way of working in the city by allowing professionals from different areas to connect and collaborate.

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