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Porto: Dream destination for digital nomads in Portugal

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Being a digital nomad is increasingly becoming a way of life adopted by a variety of professionals. It has gained greater popularity following the pandemic caused by Covid-19 and the need for telecommuting. Digital nomadism is the ability to work remotely anywhere while travelling and enjoying the best the world has to offer. Coworking spaces are starting to grow and become something of added value in a city, as these places are designed to provide convenience and productivity for those who work in them. These spaces bring together people from different companies, functions, positions and nationalities with one common goal: to be productive.

In this article, we will address six reasons that justify the fact that digital nomads see Portugal, but mainly the Invicta city, as a mandatory stopping point.


The fact that Portugal is located in Europe and, consequently, is a member of the European Union is quite appealing due to the facilities and perks that this encompasses. For example, in several European countries there are specific visas for digital nomads who are not residents in Europe.

Portugal is a country with particular and unique characteristics that make it attractive to travellers.


Porto is the second largest city in Portugal, although it is not as big as the capital, it is equally or even more international, given the awards and nominations it has consecutively won.

The Invicta offers an unequalled sense of belonging and welcome. Here are six reasons, apart from the coworking spaces in Porto, that digital nomads love:

1. Culture:

Northern Portugal is known for its welcoming people and northern authenticity. Most people speak English and are always ready to help! In coworking spaces that help comes not only from Portuguese people but also from the professionals who frequent the space.

2. Climate:

From May to October, the temperatures rise and the days are sunny and mild. Outside these months, there may be some rain and cold, and the wettest part of the year is from November to April. This climatic ambiguity has given rise to coworkings with well-equipped spaces for work and leisure with terraces.

3. History:

Ribeira is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the São Francisco Church is rich in Baroque style and the Clérigos Church Tower offers one of the best views of the city.

On Avenida dos Aliados, you can see the City Hall at the top, it is the most expensive avenue in the city and where the inigmatic Imperial McDonald's is located.

For a more contemporary culture, you can enjoy concerts of almost every musical genre at Casa da Música, Altice Arena, and gratiutes in open air spaces distributed throughout the city at different times of the year. There is no shortage of art and Serralves, the city's modern art museum is a must-see.

4. Technology, Design and Creativity:

More and more technology companies are moving to the city and innovative ideas are implemented, from food to footwear, the various coworking spaces (such as Vertical Coworking) and various events in technology and other sectors.

5. Gastronomy:

Meals are good and affordable, you can easily get lunch menus, with a soup, main course and coffee, around 6/10 euros per person, and dinner, with a glass of wine, between 10 and 15 euros.

These restaurants are in different locations, where the coworking spaces are strategically positioned to meet your needs.

Porto is known for its wine produced in the Douro Valley and stored here, sold everywhere and shipped all over the world.

From Oporto, there are several cruises to visit this region and visit the cellars of the famous sweet wine, Port wine.

6. Proximity to other Cities:

Side trips are an essential part of your experience as a digital nomad, and from Porto you can visit other beautiful and historical cities like: Douro Valley, Guimarães, Braga and Aveiro.

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