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The advantages of coworking in Porto

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

Coworking has increasingly become an attractive option for professionals and freelancers who wish to work with more comfort and flexibility. In Porto, this trend is especially evident, becoming one of the most sought-after cities in Europe in the context of nomadism and the demand for coworking spaces. In this article, we will present four advantages of working in a coworking space in Porto, highlighting the cost benefits, professional freedom, networking and the perks offered by these spaces.

  • Affordable Costs

One of the main advantages of coworking is the significant reduction in costs. Instead of renting a building or individual workspace, coworking offers the opportunity to share a space with other independent professionals, which makes prices more affordable. In Porto, these coworking spaces are fully equipped to meet all needs. In addition, some companies offer the option of flats in the same building, providing greater convenience and time savings. Our spaces Vertical Bolhão and Vertical Firmeza have already been prepared with verticality between accommodation and workspace in mind.

  • Professional Freedom and Location

The freedom provided by coworking is another important advantage. The ability to choose when and where you want to work is an important point for professionals, taking advantage of the flexibility offered by coworking spaces in Porto. With alternative hours available in many locations, including those with 24-hour operation, you can adjust your work routine according to your needs. In addition, coworking spaces in Porto are strategically located, offering easy access to public transport and tourist attractions and eliminating long and inconvenient commutes.

Vertical Bolhão
Vertical Bolhão

  • Networking

The coworking environment is rich in opportunities for networking and collaboration. By sharing a space with other professionals, you have the chance to meet people from different areas of work, establish important connections and even create business partnerships. In Porto coworking spaces many events, workshops and activities are organized for the community, providing even more networking opportunities and moments of leisure. In all our spaces we already promote networking with events and spaces for the community to network.

  • Spaces and perks

Coworking spaces offer a complete infrastructure and a series of benefits for the professionals who use these environments. In Porto you will find spaces fully equipped with fast internet, well-equipped meeting rooms, printers and scanners, rest areas and, of course, pantries to prepare your meals with still area for socializing. Everything is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience so that you feel at home while you work. Take advantage of all the advantages that coworking in Porto offers and boost your professional growth in this magnificent city.

Vertical Spaces
Vertical Spaces

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