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Virtual Office Vertical Coworking
  • Fiscal address in the center of Porto

  • Access to meeting rooms - 4 Hours / month

  • Mail and packages reception

  • Open 24/7

Legal Address in the center of Porto
Access to meeting rooms - Vertical Coworking
Parcel collection Vertical Coworking
Open 24/7 - Vertical Coworking

€40 / MONTH *

* VAT Included


Our virtual office plan gives businesses a physical address and office-related services without the overhead of a long lease and administrative staff. Create the best first impression of your business with a location in a city with unlimited potencial. With this virtual office plan, employees can work from anywhere but still have things like a mailing address, meeting rooms, and videoconferencing facilities.

What benefits do you get from having a virtual office at Vertical Coworking?

  • Get a real business address in the heart of Porto

  • Build a presence in a new location to accelerate business expansion

  • Enjoy flexible terms without any binding periods

  • Set it up quickly and easily

  • Access to meeting rooms and common areas (4 hours/month) 

Select the Virtual Office plan in our online shop and our community manager will get in touch with you to align all the details and to welcome you to our community.

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