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We love to be transparent about our business and our products and plans and we understand that questions can arise when searching for new information or alternative workplaces. That's why we have created this FAQ's section where you will find the most asked questions our community members had before they joined Vertical Coworking.

From our location to more plan-based queries we try to be as clear as possible so you always feel in control of your decisions.

  • What is a coworking space?
    A coworking is a global movement that provides collaborative and innovative office space solutions for people to grow their businesses. It is generally defined as flexible, membership-based workspaces where diverse groups of freelancers, remote workers, and other independent professionals work together in a shared, communal setting.
  • Where are you located?
    Porto, Rua Guedes de Azevedo 131, 1º Andar 4000-272 Porto
  • What does a Virtual Coworking membership include?
    High speed/reliable internet (1 Gb/s Download) Coffee, tea, filtered water and snacks Meeting room time (all membership plans include a certain allotment of time each month) Member network where you can connect with other members through our online community Exclusive events at our space for all of our members to attend
  • Are there any additional expenses that aren’t included in the fees?
    There are no hidden fees or additional expenses unless otherwise agreed upon, such as printing, mailing services or additional meeting room hours above your membership allotment.
  • Do you have a Hot Desk membership?
    We have available a Hot Desk option that allows you to work on a Dedicated Desk during the plan that you book. You can purchase a day, weekly or monthly pass
  • Do I have to sign a lease?
    We do not have traditional leases for our spaces, we have a membership agreement for use of the space. You use the desk for the time you have the membership active.
  • Is there a minimum time commitment?
    For private offices we require an minimum 6 month commitment, while all other memberships are based on the duration of the plan you choose.
  • What if I want to sign up, but won’t be able to use my membership for a few months?"
    We don't charge for a membership until you are ready to use it, generally when you are ready to join, come in and see us to get you going.
  • Can I put my membership on hold?
    If you have a Private Office or Dedicated Desk – Weekly or Monthly Plan you cannot as we are not able to hold a dedicated desk or office.
  • What are the office hours at Vertical Coworking?
    Vertical Coworking office hours are 9am-6pm Monday through Friday. Every offline request should be ask during this period. After you buy a membership you can access the coworking space 24 hours/day.
  • Can I only work out of the space during “office hours”?
    No, most of our memberships have a 24/7 access.
  • Do I need a certain type of Virtual membership to book a meeting space?
    Yes, you must have a dedicated desk or virtual office membership to make regular bookings in our meeting rooms. We do allow full day bookings for non members on a case by case basis and allow non-members to pay for meeting room usage.
  • How can I book a meeting room if I am a member?
    Once you have your membership setup and app downloaded you can book directly from the app.
  • Can I bring outside clients in for meetings? Do I need to book a meeting room for this?
    You can absolutely bring clients in for a meeting
  • Do I have to make an appointment for a tour or can i just stop in?
    Tours must be booked in advance so that we can make sure someone is available to show you around and answer any questions you may have. Contact us to book a tour
  • Do you have printing services?
    Yes we have printers onsite. It is included in the membership.
  • Can I bring a friend in to work with me?
    If you would like to bring a guest with you to work in our space you will have to pay for a day pass for them on your member account.
  • Can I let my belongings and personal things in the Coworking?
    Yes, you can! For your safety you can store your belongings in lockers provided throughout the coworking. Vertical Coworking is not liable for any loss or theft of personal belongings.

By now the only questions you should have in your mind are if you will be staying with us for a day, a week or a month or if you should choose the upstairs or downstairs desks ;) 

But if you are still looking for answers, that's okay! 

Contact us or come visit us between 09:00 and 18:00 and our community manager will clarify everything for you or your team, show you around share all the secrets that make our community so happy everyday. 

Remember you can always find us on Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin or text us on WhatsApp and Google.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at Vertical Coworking.

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