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Two locations,
One mission

Whichever location you choose one things is guaranteed. You will find a super inclusive space where your ideas can shine the brightest. 

At Vertical you can enjoy more than 200 desks, private offices, meeting rooms and much, much more. 

Chose your preferred spot and join our community of more than 1000 people that chose Vertical to work and make new friends and connections.


Vertical Bolhão

Vertical Bolhão is a coworking space located in Porto that offers a collaborative and flexible working environment.

With shared spaces, private meeting rooms, and amenities such as high-speed internet and gaming areas.

With 70 workstations, 2 meeting rooms and 2 phone booths, we can bring together various professionals and nomads.

Vertical Firmeza

Vertical Firmeza provides a modern and dynamic coworking space in Porto tailored to the needs of professionals. With 203 workstations, 3 spacious meeting rooms, 4 private phone booths, 7 exclusive private offices, and a stunning 150m2 rooftop, it offers a flexible and collaborative environment.

Engaging workshops, and a vibrant ecosystem create opportunities for professional growth  and collaboration.

Discover the perfect coworking space for your company's utmost flexibility.

Any question left? No Worries! We are here for you.

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