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Charging Station Vertical Coworking
Parking Vertical Coworking
  • Parking in the city center

  • Electric vehicle charging station

  • Lift access to the coworking space and apartments

  • Open 24/7

Vertical Parking
Open 24/7 - Vertical Coworking

€10 / 12 Hours *

€15 / 24 Hours *

* VAT Included


At Vertical Coworking we have 16 parking spots available so you don't need to worry when you decide to drive to the Porto's city center. We also have a fast-charging station for you to charge your electric vehicle*.

You can access both the coworking space and the apartments directly from the garage so you don't need worry about coming to work on rainy days. 

We work with hourly, daily, weekly and monthly passes.

Don't drive a car? Not a problem! Our garage has 3 parking spots for motorcycles and unlimited parking spaces for bicycles and e-scooters.

If you are having trouble finding a free spot for the day you want to book please get in touch with our community manager by phone, email or any social media so she can help you find an alternative spot really close to Vertical.

*charging cost not included in the pass rate.

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