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Porto: Europe's Business Travel Destination

In the picturesque part of the Iberian Peninsula, where the River Douro meets the Atlantic, lies a city that long ago left behind its modest role as a commercial port. Porto, with its deep history and breathtaking landscapes, is now emerging as the new epicentre for business travel in Europe.

In this article, we explore 3 reasons why Porto, with its unparalleled charm and welcoming atmosphere, has become the most attractive destination for business travellers.

1. A Pearl by the Sea

Porto, whose origins date back to ancient times, is a city of many facets. The narrow, winding streets of the historic center give way to cosmopolitan avenues. Stunning historic buildings coexist with stunning contemporary architecture. This captivating diversity creates an atmosphere that is both rooted in tradition and eager to embrace the future.

The city is blessed with an enviable geographical location. Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport connects the city to destinations across Europe and beyond, facilitating access for entrepreneurs and investors wishing to explore the opportunities the region offers.


2. Entrepreneurship and Education

Porto's inhabitants are known for their tenacity and entrepreneurial spirit. The city has seen rapid growth in the technology and start-up sector, with numerous incubators and innovation centres flourishing. It has thus become fertile ground for creativity, attracting local and international talent who want to be part of this exciting economic renaissance. Universities and companies have collaborated to give rise to a wave of innovation and research, making Porto a technological hub of reference in Europe


3. Living in Porto and coworking spaces

The city offers a quality of life that is unmatched in many European business centres. The mild climate, world-renowned cuisine and affordable cost of living create a favourable environment for professionals, families and investors. As demand for Porto as a business location has grown, coworking spaces have begun to spring up.

Vertical Coworking  Firmeza
Vertical Coworking Firmeza

a) Vertical Coworking

Vertical Coworking is an excellent example of how a coworking space should be, with locations close to tourist attractions and public transport. More than just a place to work, Vertical Coworking wants its clients to feel like they're working from home.

With all the needs of digital nomads in mind, Vertical Coworking offers its clients the option of sleeping in one of its flats located in the same building, thus bringing the concept of Vertical hospitality. The nomad is tired after a day's work and having to take public transport can be stressful. With the solution offered by Vertical Coworking, all you have to do is go up to your flat, straight from the coworking centre, relax and get ready for the next day's work.

There's no end to what's on offer: the space has meeting areas, phone booths for more private meetings, leisure areas and a fully-equipped pantry where you can make your own meals.

Vertical Coworking has two spaces: one next to Bolhão Market and a new one, Vertical Firmeza, next to the mythical Santa Catarina street.

Vertical Coworking  Bolhão
Vertical Coworking Bolhão

Porto has emerged as a business travel destination in Europe, where the charm of the past combines with the promise of a prosperous future, making it one of the most sought-after cities for digital nomads. Its strategic location, growing business environment and exceptional quality of life make Porto a magnet for investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world.

Travelling for business has never been as attractive as it is in Porto!

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